Viv Thomas – Henessy A & Tiffany Doll

30336150_wide_9fa0ce6f66330d84992fa1a30b545c05.jpgHenessy A & Tiffany Doll – Restrain Me
Released: November 11, 2015
Art, Brunette, Clips, HD, Lesbians, MetArt, PaySites

As Tiffany Doll confesses to a lesbian encounter she had the previous night, Henessy begins to touch her, then restrains her wrists and blindfolds her. She kneels to lick Tiffany’s pussy, making her shake and gasp with the intense pleasure, and then releases her. Pushing Tiffany onto her back, she removes her own panties and straddles Tiffany’s face, getting thoroughly licked and fingered. Henessy turns around into a sixty-nine so Tiffany can finger her asshole, then turns back again to ride to her orgasm. Now Henessy goes down to eat Tiffany, lapping at her clit and then stroking her pussy as she licks her tight asshole. She fingers Tiffany’s ass as she sucks her pussy hard. Tiffany moves to sit astride Henessy, getting her ass fingered to a powerful climax.



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