The Life Erotic – Darma & Shairy


Darma & Shairy – The Encounter 2
Released: August 21, 2016
Art, Brunette, Clips, Fetish, HD, Lesbians, MetArt, PaySites, Teens

Shairy is relaxing in a chair, in a room with large candles burning. We see Darma arrive outside the glass-paneled door, but Shairy’s so lost in her own thoughts it takes her a few moments to notice. Both girls are gorgeous brunettes with long hair, wearing skyscraper heels. Darma’s little black minidress shows off her legs, while slender Shairy is in just a sheer, black top, through which her breasts are visible, and a sexy black and leopard-print thong. Immediately, the two begin to make out, Shairy sitting on Darma’s knee on a chair. Things soon heat up, Shairy caressing Darma’s breast while Darma strokes her friend’s crotch. Shairy loses her thong, then strips Darma down to her sparkly shoes. Both girls have a slightly clipped but natural-looking bush, and Darma’s is particularly full. Darma settles back in the chair as Shairy sinks to her knees and goes down on her, splaying her labia to expose her pink. As Darma humps against her face, Shairy eats her enthusiastically, tongue-fucking her hard, then uses a couple fingers in her pussy as she sucks clit. Darma caresses her girlfriend’s hair, moaning loudly as she cums, then the pair share a lingering, pussy-flavored kiss, before relaxing, Shairy’s head resting against Darma’s belly and crotch.

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