The Life Erotic – Darma & Kimber


Darma & Kimber – Precious Friend 2
Released: August 9, 2016
Art, Blonde, Brunette, Clips, HD, Lesbians, MetArt, PaySites, Teens

There’s horny action right from the start, as we join blonde, heavily tattooed Kimber mid-frig. She’s sitting on a wooden table, her black minidress hiked up to expose her naked pussy, the fingers of one hand in her hole as the others tease her clit. Enter Darma, a curvy brunette in a sequined black minidress. She struts over to her friend and the two immediately begin to kiss. Soon, she nuzzles down to suck on Kimber’s tits, and the two get naked. Darma gets to work on Kimber’s pussy, circling her fingers over her clit then slipping them in as she bows her head to suck on the nub – and it’s revealed that Kimber has a long string of pearls pushed inside of herself. As Kimber’s excitement rises, Darma pulls it out slowly, dragging the beads against her clit, and licking her juices from them. Both girls continue to use the pearls, trailing them over Kimber’s body and rolling them against her clit. Eventually, though, it’s Darma’s tongue and fingers that get Kimber moaning in orgasm, and as she comes back down to earth, the two embrace, making out and stroking each other’s curves.