Take Van – Simony Diamond


Simony Diamond – Milf vs. Flying Carpet
Released: October 7, 2016
Brunette, Busty, Clips, Euro, HD, Reality

We have a new driver today and he seems to be driving like a snail. He seems to have food on his mind, but his luck turns for the better when he spots a run down looking milf tourist who’s freezing her buns off waiting for a taxi. Camo pants, bright pink sneakers, and lime green shirt. Has no fashion sense, and her mother didn’t tell her it’s probably not a good idea to ride with strangers. 2 minutes into the ride driver make a quick stop and Simony comes flying off the backseat and straight onto the magic carpet! Carpet rides are not free. She curses up a storm, but that opens up our xxx car-sex medical lounge for business!Time to pay up baby. Doctor Figi starts massaging her foot, so sneakers are off instantly and the brunette Hungarian Milf is getting hornier by the minute. Her hands go to cock, her top comes off, the big tits and tattoos are bangin. Really nice big tits on Simony. Pants off next and she takes the dick doggystyle, HARD! Missionary, reverse cowgirl and spoon are next and this mature babe is just loving it as driver goes over every pothole in the street! She finally takes it doggy one more time and receives a payload of cum on that big ass. And she’s out on the street giving us the finger.