Take Van – Billie


Billie – The Perfect Hooker
Released: September 23, 2016
Big Ass, Brunette, Busty, Clips, Euro, HD, Reality

Hooker time baby! Nothing better then that. That’s a fact that if we see a lady in need she’s cumming inside to ride our magic carpet and pray to Aladdin’s lamp. And this sweet hooker named Billie is so ready for fuck. We give her 2000 Czk and she’s sucking away fully clothed before we even get the van rolling. We have a feeling this brunette nympho is no stranger to fucking in a van, but she’ never been in the Takevan! Time to hardcore pound that ass! Top is off and sweet big tits are in full view. She’s a talkative little slut, but when she takes those points off to reveal a beautiful heart shaped ass and jumps on Figi’s dick were all hard as a rock! Man what a rider! Got Damn. When she goes reverse your gonna see a pro in action. Beautiful trimmed pussy and tits bouncing as she fucks in traffic. Epic without a doubt. She cums hard in reverse and the little bitch is just loving her day. This girls doggy style is out of control as we take hard corners and she holds on tight and screams to more orgasms. One of the best rides yet. Hmmm…guess we’ll need to pick up more hookers soon!