Rodney Moore – Loni Legend


Loni Legend – I’ll Blow The Janitor
Released: November 25, 2016
Blowjob, Brunette, Clips, HD

Gorgeous, exotic Loni Legend is at the office and is is super confident that she nailed a sale. She is talking with her coworker and is so confident she makes the sale that she says if she doesn’t she will blow the janitor! Well guess what… she didn’t get the sale. The hot Loni isn’t thrilled but proclaims she keeps her word and goes through with the act. Janitor Rodney is in luck today because Loni with her perfect body and perfect face comes in and just rips his pants off and starts blowing his huge cock. She just needs to do enough to take a picture for her friend, but after getting a taste she doesn’t want to stop … Rodney’s big cock draws her in and she wants to go crazy and suck it and finish off what she started! She gives him the sloppiest drooliest and hottest blow job of his janitor life! She drools all over his cock and her tight little body. She just keeps on going even bringing him into her business call while she still sucks on his big dick and then demands for him to cum on her face! Rodney is happy to assist her and sprays her pretty face with a ton of white goo! What a lady!