Nerd Pervert 11


Nerd Pervert 11 (2015)

Studio: Nerd Pervert
Series: Nerd Pervert
Director: Paul Taylor
Categories: International, United Kingdom, Ethni, European, Amateur, Castings, Auditions, Gonzo,

Stars: Paige Fox, Jessica Lo, Lola Gatsby, Sally Jo, Paul Taylor,

Paul finds Sally Jo late for her bus and offers her a coffee break back at his place. One thing leads to another and he finds out she likes sucking strangers’ cocks, so of course the Nerd volunteers! Lola Gatsby is back for a Nerd fucking, and she’s so tight that even Paul’s cock is too much for her, wow. Jessica Lo pops up on Skype to tease Paul, flashing her tits and she ends up stopping by for cock. Sally Jo stops by again, missing her bus on purpose to get a nice hard fucking. She loves cock and comes easily too. Paige Fox is a UK porn star that’s never heard of Paul or that he’s an agent, but she wants to work in the US. Will she fall for his charm, and if so, how far will she go?