Mormon Girlz – Melody


Melody – The Covenant
Released: August 29, 2016
Brunette, Clips, Fetish, HD, Teens

Melody basks in the glory of having pleased not just Jane, a gorgeous high priestess of The Order, but also her insatiable, well-hung husband. Will they want to keep her? Will Brother Tanner and Jane take her as their new wife? Or does the Seed Bearer have something else in mind for the pretty young Mormon girl? The day Melody spent with Jane and Brother Tanner plays over and over in her mind. She can still feel Jane’s hands spreading her pussy lips open so Brother Tanner could slide his massive shaft inside her. After Melody brought the husband and wife to screaming orgasms, Jane pulled the girl to her and kissed her mouth. Melody was thrilled to think that Jane could taste not just Melody’s tongue, but her own cum and her husband’s cock.