Mormon Girlz – Amy, Kara, Katherine & Robin


Amy, Kara, Katherine & Robin – Unveiling
Released: May 16, 2016
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Mormon teen Amy finds herself committing lesbian incest when the Seed Bearer assigns her sister to perform her unveiling. Amy has always been a shy girl, but lately, she’s begun to suspect that her shyness might be hiding a filthy secret. When the gorgeous teen virgin and her friends have sleepovers, she can barely meet their eyes, but she can’t stop looking at their tight young bodies. She watches their underwear cling to them, revealing their hard, pink nipples and their full round asses. Amy feels her untouched pussy grow wet with desire. She would never masturbate, since she’s a good Mormon girl, but her need to be near these girls, to smell them, to accidentally brush against them as they slide into the bed next to hers is becoming more than she can bear. One day, her older sister, Robin, pulls her aside. “I know your secret,” she whispers. Amy’s face goes pale. Amy says nothing and tries to avoid looking at her sister’s full pink lips as they stretch into a knowing smile. Lately, her unspeakable desire has become so strong that she even feels it for her sister and mother. Without explaining why, Robin brings Amy to the Temple. A few weeks ago, Amy’s mother told her the Seed Bearer had summoned Robin there, but Amy knows nothing about what took place. Since then, Amy’s hot sister has been in a very good mood. When they arrive, Robin tells her young, trembling sister to be good and put on the veil and sacred robes, as she will be going to an unveiling ceremony that will “cleanse her of all impurities.” She is brought into a room where two gorgeous girls stand. Robin introduces them as Kara and Katherine. “They liked having me, but they wanted someone even younger to truly satisfy them.” Even through the veil Amy can see Katherine and Kara’s full breasts peeking out of their robes. She is so hungry for them, but terrified of doing something wrong. Katherine lifts the veil and presses her red, wet mouth against Amy. “You’re ours now,” she says and both Kara and Robin begin to giggle. As these three hot girls begin to rub their hands across every part of Amy’s body, she giggles, too. She is all too happy to let them take anything they want from her.