Hegre Art – Dominika C


Dominika C – Restrained Bondage Massage
Released: August 23, 2016
Art, Blonde, Brunette, Clips, Euro, Fetish, HD, Lesbians, Teens

Female Edging: Watch a hundred almost orgasms… The anticipation of an orgasm is an intense feeling. You’ve seen male edging (remaining at the edge of an orgasm) on Hegre.com. Now watch what happens when we do that to a female body. And it’s not just any body… Dominika C is built for pleasure. Fans of the incredible “Miss Lips” will know that multiple orgasms are her speciality. Stimulating her vulva, including those stunning labia, she is taken again and again to the very edge of climax. But each time the stimulation stops just at the right time to cause her frustratingly pleasurable near-orgasms. Just don’t try to count them! Sure, we let Dominika come a few times, just to remind her what she’s missing (hey, we’re not mean). But most of the way through this, she’s teased to the very edge of her sexual sanity. If you could see a scan of Dominika’s brain during this massage, you’d think you were standing in the middle of a rave after dropping super strong psychedelic drugs. This is must-see Hegre. So, go see it!