GF Revenge – Dia


Dia – Dip It In Dia
Released: April 18, 2016

Dia’s man came in the kitchen with the camera rolling and one thing on his mind. Dia was finishing his dishes before she met a friend at the mall. He was on her case the whole time and practically begging for some loving. The stars must have aligned for him. Right as Dia was about to walk out the door her friend canceled, so that left the day wide open. She put down her purse and dropped to her knees. Dia knew what had to be done, so she stuck his dick down her throat. She got it sloppy wet which made her even wetter. She smacked her ass and played with her pussy while he looked on. Like must of us, he could only look on for so long. She was ready for the taking, and he did just that. He filled up her (…)


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