Dorcel Club – Nikita Bellucci


Nikita Bellucci – Under Nikitas orders
Released: September 9, 2016
Brunette, Busty, Clips, Euro, Fetish, HD

“Smell my pussy and eat it right now !” We quickly understand that Nikita plays the role of a real dominatrix. In her beautiful apartment, she ties the businessman Pascal, and she treats him like a nobody until she authorizes him to sodomize her and cum on her ass. This is the first scene of the DORCEL blockbuster “Revenge of a daughter” (a movie with an amazing budget) to be released in October on DorcelVision / DorcelClub. When he shot this scene, the director Hervé Bodilis wanted to innovate and do something else to what we usually found in porn: the male domination .. Here he wanted to show that we could reverse roles so the male would be dominated by the woman. And it’s still exciting to watch and we never fall into vulgarity.