Club Seventeen – Karen I & Dasha C


Karen I & Dasha C – Young Lesbians Playing With Toys
Released: October 12, 2016
Anal, Brunette, Clips, HD, Lesbians, Teens

There’s nothing quite like seeing two teen girls exploring their sexuality in front of a camera. Karen and Dasha are doing just that and it’s an unbelievable sight. The girls begin kissing each other and that’s following by some extremely heavy petting. A blind man could see where this is going and they don’t hold back. Toys follow tongues and the wildness is about to get kicked up to notches unknown. A somewhat harmless looking strap on dildo will do something that would shock even the most experienced lesbian lover. They use that strap on to experience anal sex like only two teens exploring each other could. The tight anal action is kicked off into a frenzy when vaginal masturbation is added to it. The sex these two have crosses the line into the realm of mind shattering and neither of them have ever experienced anything like it before.