Club Seventeen – Angel M & Dionne B


Angel M & Dionne B – Fistful Of Pussy
Released: October 1, 2016
Anal, Brunette, Clips, HD, Lesbians, Redhead, Teens

To what extremes will teens go to experience the ultimate level of pleasure? Angel and Dionne won’t allow anything to stop them. Not a single thing will get in their way of experiencing what they believe is the ultimate pleasure. Dionne is the easiest to please and that’s why she gets licked first. The pleasure is wonderful, but she has a job to do. No one knows just how difficult Angel is to please, than her friend. Each of them have been lesbian lovers for quite some time. The fact that Dionne almost instantaneously goes straight for the big toys and her friend’s asshole says it all. She knows just how difficult it can be to please her bed buddy. Nothing is off limits and she’ll even use her fist to help her friend get off. Friends are worth more than money and this is especially true when they’re willing to stuff your asshole full of their fist.