Club Seventeen – Alisa D & Olga M


Alisa D & Olga M – Pretty Teens Having Romantic Lesbian Sex
Released: October 17, 2016
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A single kiss can lead to so much more as Lisa and her friend are about to find out. The two of these teens become aroused after just one kiss. That kiss leads them on a sexual adventure that only ends after each of them experience the ultimate pleasure of an orgasm. Simply licking pussy isn’t enough for these two ready to explode teen firecrackers. No, a strap on is what their loins are begging for. A problem arises, when even it isn’t enough to quench their sexual thirst. Times like these call for anal stimulation and neither of them are shy about it. Engulfed in total satisfaction, these two lovely teens can finally let loose and enjoy the overpowering nature of an orgasm. A choice their body makes for them after they cross the point of no return.