ATK Girlfriends – Kristen Scott


Kristen Scott – Kristen eats your cum
Released: August 3, 2016
Brunette, Clips, P.O.V., Reality, Teens

Kristen is ready to go snorkeling. She changes in the front seat of the car then throws on her mask once you get to the beach. She lucked out because almost as soon as she puts her head in the water she sees a turtle. You follow it around until you get dangerously close to it. Time to grab some snacks and drive up to Haleakala volcano. It’s beautiful up there, and Kristen gets to see birds and a very healthy Silversword flower. When you get back down to reality, Kristen eats a burrito that she can barely hold with two hands! Now that she’s full you’re both ready to fuck each other! Kristen puts a pink vibrator on her clit for a little extra fun. Just as about you’re ready to explode you crawl over her chest to cum all over her face – of course she eats it right after.